Midnight Doodles

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Throw back to almost a year ago, when I understood what touring means for the one who stays. #tbt #midnightdoodle

If you have an artistic second life (or first life, yay!) I recommend you read “The War of Art” and change the way you look at your creative life.

I realized I was “resisting” to post any midnightdoodles because they weren’t perfect. This defeats the purpose of this project, which is to make art for the sake of making, no judging.

So with an imperfect #midnightdoodle, I invite you to stop listening to your ego which only “attacks the awakening artist” and produces resistance. Kill the resistance!! And go make something, we won’t judge.

Super inspiring talks at ECUAD’s The Talkback. Made me realize it’s been too long since my last #midnightdoodle, so here’s a special robot taco for my friend @katiebfritz. I’m also VERY hungry right now.

Going through my old notes I found this drawing circa ‘07. Next to it there’s instructions on how to do “aerosol art”. Never got to it, but always wanted to! #midnightdoodle

Handlettering (attempt) for a video title & credits to be animated by @kenzoyasauce. Stay tuned for the video, I’m sure you’ll like it! #midnightdoodle

I know it’s sunny out, but we’ve got other plans. #mountpleasant #mural #midnightdoodle

Playing with pen brushes. Thirty five hundred more of these and I could probably nail it. #midnightdoodle

Cinco de Mayo. Also known as the Puebla Battle, in which the Mexican army defeated the outnumbered (and victors for 50 consecutive years) French army in the 1860’s. A day mainly celebrated in the States and other countries to emphasise Mexican culture. It is not a national holiday in Mexico, and should not be confused with Mexican Independence Day.

#themoreyouknow #cincodemayo ##midnightdoodle