Midnight Doodles

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Handlettering (attempt) for a video title & credits to be animated by @kenzoyasauce. Stay tuned for the video, I’m sure you’ll like it! #midnightdoodle

I know it’s sunny out, but we’ve got other plans. #mountpleasant #mural #midnightdoodle

Playing with pen brushes. Thirty five hundred more of these and I could probably nail it. #midnightdoodle

Cinco de Mayo. Also known as the Puebla Battle, in which the Mexican army defeated the outnumbered (and victors for 50 consecutive years) French army in the 1860’s. A day mainly celebrated in the States and other countries to emphasise Mexican culture. It is not a national holiday in Mexico, and should not be confused with Mexican Independence Day.

#themoreyouknow #cincodemayo ##midnightdoodle

Robot illustrator @chocolatesoop is launching a great project in Kickstarter and a 30 day challenge to go with it. It’s called March of Robots, and we’re encouraged to draw a robot a day for the entire month of March. I’ve always wanted to do a robo-font, so maybe this is the time! Starting with letter “A” (I’m one day behind already. Awesome). #marchofrobots #midnightdoodle

This goes to those we’ve lost (physically and mentally) to drugs. A cry for help can be misunderstood thanks to a ridiculous culture of taboos and standards. Respect to the fighters who survived the sickness and make every day count. #midnightdoodle